Melanoma Whole body FDG-PET scan:

Fifty year old male with a lump under his right arm. History of left shoulder melanoma one year ago with excision.

Chest X-Ray:

CT Abdomen:

Bone Scan:

PET Scan:

The right axillary lump noted on the history is markedly hypermetabolic by FDG-PET and is worrisome for a neoplasm. Given the history of melanoma, suspect this represents a recurrence mild activity is noted within the left shoulder and lower lumbar spine which is felt to be degenerative in nature when given that the activity is significatnly less than seen in the right axilla. Mild activity is also noted within the left hemi thorax posteriorly. Most likely on the basis of pleural thickening.

No abnormal intracranial activity is identified. However, contrast enhanced MRI would be more sensitive in detecting small metastic deposits.